Now that we have the allotment, we've started striming down the grass, weeds and thorns that have grown freely for the past 20years. We're also trimming back shrubs and trees in preparation for erecting some netting to keep the allotment safe from vandalism. Then we have to strim the whole land again in readiness for measuring out the beds and digging them over and removing the  weeds. If you have got a petrol strimmer and would like help us PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.
As the summer comes to an end you might decide to clear out your shed or greenhouse. Don't throw away any unwanted tools as we can really make use of them.
We are looking into ordering a building where we can keep all our equipment and tools, but it will be a few weeks yet before it arrives.
We will also be on the look out for drums in which to store water, wooden pallets to erect a fence around the children's area, unwanted benches to place around the site, and some slabs to make paths in the polytunnels. If you just happen have a polytunnel that you no longer use, or know where there is one going spare, and you'd like to be rid of it… we would gladly take it as we would like to erect two polytunnels at the beginning of March.