Allotment May 2016
St Saviour’s Community Project has been working with food and health for a long time.  Through our foodbank and our Friday Feast (community meal, a two course healthy meal cooked on the premises and charging £1 for adults and children eating free) we have been seeking to help people who are struggling in our community.  The strapline for this ministry is building community, fighting poverty.

Back in the Autumn, Maureen Greaves – our community outreach worker – wanted to expand this ministry by helping people to grow their own food.  Realising that there is plenty of undeveloped land behind Paces (a former secondary school, now the centre for High Green Development Trust) we entered into a partnership with HGDT. They have allowed us to use the land, and we are developing a community allotment. Much work has already been done, but the project is now beginning to show real progress.

Watch this space for developments!

Simon, Vicar