St Saviour’s Community Project has installed a defibrillator to help save lives in High Green.  A defibrillator is a life saving device, which restores a normal heartbeat to a victim after a cardiac arrest. The electrical pulse it emits to the heart restores it to a regular heartbeat, and allows the heart to return to pumping blood around the body.  The equipment is now available to all at St Saviour’s Community Project at 104a Greengate Lane, High Green S35 3GT.
Simon Bessant, the Vicar and chair of the community project said, “Sadly, cardiac arrests are far too common.  Having a defibrillator in our community project means that help is close at hand should anyone suffer such a horrible experience.  We are committed to serving our community and this is just another expression of that commitment.  The equipment has been paid for jointly by Heart Beat UK and an anonymous donor.  I am very grateful to both but especially the latter, whom I know but have agreed to respect the desire for confidentially.”
“The defibrillator has now been properly installed in the community project”, said Sue Fiander, the community project manager.  “We have just had a training day for our volunteers and staff working in the local shops run by Emma Scott from Sheffield Ambulance Service, for whose help we are very grateful.  I know that some people feel a little scared of operating this sort of unit.  But the equipment is very easy to use as it speaks to the user and refuses to work if it is applied inappropriately.  The training has now given us the skills and confidence to make good use of it if should it ever be needed”.
“Losing a loved one is a terrible experience”, said Maureen Greaves the community project leader.   “I hope that this defibrillator never needs to be used, but if it is ever brought into action I am very hopeful that lives can be saved”.
Simon, Vicar