Old Codgers 1St Saviour’s runs a special and slightly embarrassing group called The Old Codgers.  The official title is the Senior Men’s Group, an offshoot of our Men’s Group, but this seemed a little tame.  So we came up with a good Yorkshire title. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, an old codger is “an old man, especially one who is strange or humorous in some way”.  This seems to be a very accurate description of all the men who turned out for the first meeting, and they are proud of it!  If you want a slightly more spiritual mission statement, well it’s “grumpy old men having fun and seeking grace”.
Unfortunatly Covid had temporarily halted proceedings but we hope to resume as soon as possible.
The group are all men associated in some way with St Saviour’s Church who are retired or available in the day time.  The invitation is extended to all in our S35 Mission Partnership, all are welcome.