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Dear friends and family,

Thank you so much for the messages, emails and most especially prayers!

At this very special time of year we rejoice in all that our Saviour Jesus Christ has done for us and for the very broken, beautiful world that He loves! This year has been the quietest Easter time that we can remember, with time to reflect, and pray.

Here is a very brief update from Salta:

Nick is now 9 weeks post operative and is doing quite well physically. We walk most days between 3 and 5 kms and 3 times weekly he is working hard at a cardiac rehabilitation programme (from Chest and Heart foundation).  He still feels unsure and rather wobbly, and trips easily, so we are praying that will just be a question of time. He is eating better, but has not put on weight as yet, though still complains that nothing has much taste and swallowing is still not easy. His chest wound has healed but he still feels a lot of pain. It is hard to know if this is all a normal part of the process. Nick would really appreciate prayers for the above, and a full return to health, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Yesterday he gave a brief video greeting in Spanish to the Diocese of Northern Argentina which he found very challenging, but we trust that it encouraged others!

For a few pictures and more news, do check my blog:

Here are our immediate plans:

On May 7th a service of thanksgiving will be held here in Salta for Nick’s ministry over14 years as Bishop, and on May 8th – his 70th birthday – he officially retires and resigns as both Diocesan  Bishop and Primate of South America (having been on sick leave since January).  Catherine will hopefully get back to Juarez to say goodbye to friends, home, dog and to pick up any bits and pieces which still need to be packed.

We are flying back to the UK on 13th June, as originally planned, arriving on 14th and then staying a few days with both of Nick’s sisters and brothers in law, and seeing close family, before flying to Guernsey on the 22nd June where my long-suffering brother-in-law Martyn will have us to stay during June and July, before heading to Jersey to spend time with Sam, Sally, and our grandchildren Cassian and Merida.

We are certainly looking forward so very much to seeing family and friends. We trust that time with families, sea, sunshine, exercise, and good food will set us up for the next step whatever and wherever that may be!

From September, we hope to be visiting our CMS-supporting churches and individuals, and seeing family and friends. Please pray for this time of re-entry and healing.

We value prayers please for all the above. Finishing and saying goodbye is not easy at the best of times, but we are praying for God’s peace, and grace at this time, as we are so very grateful for His love and care, and trust that His plans are perfect.  Please pray too of course for all those we are leaving, thanking God for His provision for the future of both the Diocese and the Province of South America.

Over this time Pete Grieg’s Lectio 365 has been a real life line, and most especially during Lent.  The Yielding Promise today spoke deeply to us in a personal way:

“Jesus, I look unflinchingly at the places of pain where resurrection victory has not come. I await that resurrection with hope, taking up the prayer of David, “I feel confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” (Psalm 27:13) followed by the wonderful promise: “Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength….they shall run and not grow weary they shall walk and not faint”   (Isaiah 40:31)

Once again

Happy Easter!