The 2015 Summer BBQ saw a change in the normal proceedings. For the first time, the St Mark's congregation joined joined with the St Saviour's crowd in another example of our growing joint church family.
2015BBQ (5)The Lord blessed us with the weather all the way through the day, and even turned on the sprinklers to clear up the vicarage garden once we'd finished!
2015BBQ (3)The food was fantastic, company even better and all had a wonderful time either joining in with the games and fun or watching from the sidelines. It was wonderful to see all the children aged below 60 years old, playing together from all the various groups and congregations acociated with the two Churches.
A massive thank you to not only all who were involved with the organisation, provision and staffing of the event, but to everyone who came along and made it so special. It has been a real treat for the wider community to share time and fun together, and we believe a great sign of things to come. More more more! laugh
2015BBQ (5)Take a look at some photos and videos from the event. If you have any to pass on for adding to the collection, please email them in to or pass them on in church.
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