Alan Greaves 9Currently, a man is being tried in Sheffield Crown Court for the murder of Alan Greaves.  The trial is expected to last about two weeks.  We already know that some awful material will be presented in court.  Maureen, Alan’s widow, has always said that she seeks justice, but not vengeance.  We echo her feelings and hope that justice will be fulfilled.  However, we know that the trial is very emotionally demanding for Maureen and her family.  Therefore we pray for them to have the strength of Christ during this difficult time.
We continue to remember Alan with affection and gratitude.  We miss his ministry as an organist/pianist and as a Reader (lay preacher).  We miss his commitment to serving Christ through serving others.  We miss his wonderful sense of humour.  But most of all we miss him for the gracious man that he was. 
Simon, Vicar