Bethlehem Star MusicOn Monday, St Saviour’s Church issued a Press Release concerning the carol The Bethlehem Star written by Bob Chilcott.  This had been written by the composer in response to the news of the terrible murder of our organist and preacher, Alan Greaves last Christmas Eve.  The media picked up the story and ITV Calendar filmed a sequence in our church.  The story clearly touched many people who had been aware of Alan’s work as an organist and his murder.  Consequently, choir leaders and organists inundated the publisher, Oxford University Press, wanting to buy a copy of the carol.  Unfortunately, OUP haven’t actually printed the music score yet.  But rather than disappoint people, the composer is allowing people to download the music score for free between now and Christmas. 
This website also allows you to hear part of a recording of the carol.
I have pinned a copy of the music onto our noticeboard in church for all to see, and I've given Maureen Greaves a copy.
Thank you Bob for a beautiful carol and a generous response to those who want to sing it.
Simon, Vicar