Alan Greaves FuneralSadly, today is the funeral service of Alan Greaves.  We are hoping to enable Maureen, her family, this church, the community of High Green and so many other people with a chance to say a final goodbye.   The service starts at 12.00midday.  We are seeking to accommodate as many people as possible in St Saviour’s, St Mary’s and outside.   Television cameras will be present and it is possible that there might be live television coverage.
Whilst there is so much activity going on today, we are very much aware that the service is an act of worship and we do not want to lose sight of that.  So from 10.00 to 11.15 there will be a prayer vigil in the vicarage.  Anyone who wishes is welcome to spend time in prayer in the busyness of this very significant and sad morning, yet one where we give thanks to God for Alan's life and ministry.
Simon, Vicar