Alan Greaves Funeral 2Yesterday was the funeral of Alan Greaves.  It was a very sad event, whilst also being a day of celebrating someone who was very special.  The hundreds of people who attended St Saviour's and St Mary's Churches, and those who stood outside in the cold, paid their respects to a man who lived a good life but whose life was so very cruelly brought to a unexpected end.
Maureen Greaves, his widow, made an amazing tribute which touched everybody who heard it.  Indeed, part of her tribute was shown on national news television and the whole of it is available on some news websites.  A very poignant moment at the end of the service, not experienced by those inside the churches, was the applause that naturally arose from those standing outside the church when Maureen appeared outside.
We at St Saviour's want to thank everybody who attended yesterday for coming.  Additionally, we wish to express our gratitude to all of those who helped with the logistics of finding seats for about 500.  We particularly value the generosity of our friends at St Mary's Roman Catholic Church and Ecclesfield Parish Council.  The former was a wonderful expression of all that is good about the ecumenical movement.
We wish to express again our love and support for Maureen and her family.  Finally, we simply want to remember before God our beloved brother Alan, to express our grief and to be assured that we share with him the hope in the grace of God poured out for us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – Alan's Lord and ours.
Goodbye and God bless.
Simon, Vicar
Alan Greaves Funeral 3