Alan Greaves Memorial 1

This afternoon there was a gathering of people in Mortomley Park to dedicate a tree and plaque, provided by High Green in Bloom, in memory of Alan Greaves.   Our thanks go to them for their generosity and thoughtfulness.  Maureen, Alan’s widow, was present and she was very pleased to see so many people attending.   Today clearly felt like early summer, but it is still only a few months since Christmas Eve when Alan was so cruelly murdered.  The memorial plaque and the tree are in the park, only a short distance from the place where the evil crime was committed, but we all hope that they symbolise something beautiful, available as an act of goodness for all of our community in High Green.  I think that Alan would have approved.  
So if you are in the area, please go and take a look and spend a moment in memory of Alan.
Simon, Vicar