Alan's PlaqueLast week Ecclesfield Parish Council dedicated a plaque in memory of Alan Greaves, our lay preacher and organist at St Saviour’s Church who was murdered last Christmas.  The unveiling of the plaque marks the dedication of the community room in his memory at the Parish Council Offices on Mortomley Lane in High Green.  it will now be known as the Alan Greaves Memorial Room.
The Parish Clerk, Mr David Morton, said, “We are very aware that Alan was deeply committed to the community here in High Green and we were all appalled by the manner of his death.  Given his life of service in Sheffield, it seemed to be very appropriate for us to name our community room in his memory.”
Alan’s widow, Maureen Greaves said, “Alan would have been amazed at the idea of a community room being named after him.  But I think that this is a wonderful act, honouring all that he did for people in High Green.  I’m very appreciative of the Parish Council for taking this initiative.”
Simon, Vicar