It is with very great sadness that St Saviour's Church announces the death of Alan Greaves, our organist and one of our Readers (lay preachers). Alan died at about 11.00pm last night following further emergency surgery. Maureen, his wife was by him when he died.
This is not the place for an obituary; that can come later. However, it is an appropriate time to pay tribute to his memory as a member of this church, a licensed lay minister, a school governor, an organist, a school accompanist, a key member of our team running the Community Project and the Foodbank.  All of this is in addition to him being a husband, a father and a grandfather.  He was a good man and a faithful Christian.
Tomorrow St Saviour’s Church will be open for three hours from 9.00am for anyone who wishes to sign a book of condolences.  The church will also be open for silent prayer and reflection.