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Alan Greaves Funeral 2Recently we had the very sad event of the funeral of Alan Greaves. It was a very sad time, whilst also being a day of celebrating someone who was very special. The hundreds of people who attended St Saviour's and St Mary's Churches, and those who stood outside in the cold, paid their respects to a man who lived a good life but whose life was so very cruelly brought to a unexpected end.
Maureen Greaves, his widow, made an amazing tribute which touched everybody who heard it. Indeed, part of her tribute was shown on national news television and the whole of it is available on some news websites. A very poignant moment at the end of the service, not experienced by those inside the churches, was the applause that naturally arose from those standing outside the church when Maureen appeared outside.
We at St Saviour's want to thank everybody who attended yesterday for coming. Additionally, we wish to express our gratitude to all of those who helped with the logistics of finding seats for about 500. We particularly value the generosity of our friends at St Mary's Roman Catholic Church and Ecclesfield Parish Council. The former was a wonderful expression of all that is good about the ecumenical movement.
We wish to express again our love and support for Maureen and her family. Finally, we simply want to remember before God our beloved brother Alan, to express our grief and to be assured that we share with him the hope in the grace of God poured out for us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – Alan's Lord and ours.
Goodbye and God bless.
Simon, Vicar
Alan Greaves Funeral 3



Alan Greaves 10The following Press Release has been issued jointly between St Saviour's Church and South Yorkshire Police:
The funeral of Mr Alan Greaves will take place at St Saviour’s Church, Mortomley Lane, High Green Sheffield at 12noon on Wednesday 6 February 2013. Alan, 68, died after sustaining head injuries on Greengate Lane in High Green at around 11.10pm on Christmas Eve last year.
Given the limited seating in St Saviour’s Church, the whole service will be relayed to a large screen at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, which is about 100 meters up the road from St Saviour’s. Receptions after the service will be held in St Saviour’s Church Hall and St Mary’s Church Hall.
At the request of Mrs Maureen Greaves all are welcome and are advised that there will be provision of a warm drink and cake to all those not able to witness the service from within St Saviour’s and St Mary’s Church and will be served prior to the start of the service.
To accommodate the large number of mourners it is requested that all those wishing to attend allow sufficient time in order to be in position no later than 11.30am.
Limited parking will be available in Thorncliffe Park where there will a number of stewards to assist. For those able to, it is suggested that wherever possible attendees park away from the immediate area and walk the remaining distance.
From 10am to 2pm on Wednesday 6 February, there will be road closures from the junction of Mortomley Lane and Wortley Lane to the roundabout, and the junction of Greengate Lane and Mortomley Road.
Businesses and schools will be operating as usual but those affected are advised to monitor newsletters, websites or contact providers directly to familiarise themselves with provisions for the day.

The funeral service for Alan Greaves will be held at St Saviour’s Church High Green on Wednesday 6th February at 12.00pm. Maureen and her family do not want a private service; they will welcome anyone and everyone who wishes to attend the event.



More information concerning the service will be posted here in the next few days.
Simon Bessant, Vicar