Workday 2014 2

I confess that I usually hate cleaning.  However, over the years I've learnt the simple lesson that doing such a job with others is really great, for you get more work done and get some good conversations.  In many of my parishes we've developed the habit of having two Church Workdays a year to give the whole church a good scub and get the gardens up to scratch.  Gathering a pile of people together to get all the work done is actually great fun.  With some real effort and a lot of humour a whole church can get a makeover within a few hours.

St Saviour's has adopted my pattern and yesterday Team St Saviour's turned out in force enabling us to get a lot of hard work completed, ending with a simple lunch.  My thanks to everyone who scrubbed all the chairs, dusted nooks and cranies, cleared the gardens of overgrowth and made the church presentable for the winder.  Additionally, I think it was quite fun!


Simon, Vicar