On the third Sunday of each month we have infant Baptism (or Christening) in our 11.00am service in the church.  Please make an initial enquiry by text to 07712 557978 or e-mail to secretary@stsaviour.info.

The service lasts about 50 minutes and we make a very real effort to welcome and include our guests, including all the children who come along. The service order is very simple and the music will have been chosen with visitors in mind.  Whilst Baptism is a very serious event, it is also great fun and we find that families really enjoy this service.  We make a special point to involve the children in a Baptism service; they are particularly welcome – indeed, we even give out special welcome packs to visiting children.  And we have balloons!  Just to keep them engaged, the Vicar throws in a surprise during the service.

Baptism Service 1
We are required to prepare parents properly before Baptism so that they are clear about the service and the promises that they and the godparents will be making.  We don’t aim to put people off getting their children baptised but some parents decide that they feel uncomfortable with making the promises required and in that case we are very happy to offer a Thanksgiving Service.  In some ways this is like a Baptism service but it doesn’t require the parent and godparents to make big promises and there is no water.  Of course, should the parents or the child later wish to have a Baptism service, we would be very happy to offer this.
Whatever the parents decide, we hope to provide a really wonderful service and a chance to celebrate the gift of a new child.
You can download a Baptism/Christening Service here: SSC Infant Baptism Booklet #6
Or a Thanksgiving Service here: SSC Thanksgiving Booklet #2
Adult Baptism is also available at St Saviour’s – by immersion if desired.  Adult baptism is usually linked to confirmation.  Please contact the Vicar about this.