Tomorrow will be a big day for St Saviour's and St Mark's Churches.  For we are spending the morning interviewing and discerning candidates for the post of Families and Chidren's Worker in our two churches.  We have got four excellent candidates each of whom has a lot to offer.  We know that it will be hard to work out who is the right person to appoint, and sadly we are aware that three people will be disappointed.
Both churches have been praying about this in recent weeks, for we really want to appoint the right person chosen by God for this post.  Also, we want each candidate to know that they are valued and that we want to pray for their future, whatever the outcome.  To help with this I have created a simple prayer station  at St Mark's which will be used from early tomorrow morning and throughout the day, pictured below.  Can I encourage those who cannot attend to perhaps use this picture to help them join in with our prayer focus for the day?
Vicar, Simon
FW Prayer Station