Caitlin Thomson 1When it was announced that there was to be a Bishops’ Mission to South Yorkshire, our vicar didn’t put in a bid for a Bishop to visit St Saviour’s and St Mark’s.  His eye was caught by a name further down the list of team members and he immediately asked for her.  Caitlin Thomson is an ordinand (trainee vicar) who was involved in ministry with Simon at his previous parish. Knowing her talent and potential he had no doubt about inviting her to preach at the two parishes.
Caitlin introduces herself as follows:
I am an Ordinand from Sheffield Diocese and I'm just entering my second year of training at Cranmer Hall in Durham. I'm here in Sheffield as part of the Bishop of Durham's team for the Crossroads mission. I am excited to be part of the Archbishop of York's plan for the "re-evangelisation of the North" as although I was born in Oxfordshire, this part of the country really is my heartland: I've spent most of my life in the North – growing up in Cumbria and studying for four years at Sheffield University.
We look forward to Caitlin’s ministry on Sunday.
Simon, Vicar