Order 2As part of our Lenten discipline, and as a way of varying our spiritual diet, our Daybreak Service (Sunday 8.00pm Communion Service) will be using the old Book of Common Prayer service from Sunday for six weeks.  Technically, we will actually be using Order 2 in Common Worship (sorry about the liturgical language!) but this simply provides the old service in a modern format with the original words with only two exceptions, which the Vicar is happy to explain to anyone.

The language of the Book of Common Prayer is widely recognised to be a piece of classic English literature and a wonderful example of quality liturgical language.  It might not be the best choice for a main service in today's culture, but it has sustained Christians over many centuries in their faith and it would be foolish and shallow to completely ignore its riches for the church today.  By providing this service during Lent we hope that those who were brought up on the BCP and those for whom it is unknown territory will find great blessing through hearing the gospel expressed through profound and classic English language.

All are welcome.

Vicar, Simon