On Christmas Eve night about 250-300 people turned out on to the streets to remember Alan Greaves and to celebrate the coming of the light of Christ at Christmas. 

It was a bitterly cold night and the wind was too strong for hand held candles to be lit, but there was no rain.  However, with so many people on the streets, it was possible to sing Christmas carols with gusto.  The Christmas story from the Bible was read and the Bishop of Sheffield gave an address. Maureen Greaves laid a wreath in memory of Alan at the very time and place that he was murdered.  It was a very touching moment.

So we reclaimed the street from the evil that had stalked it last Christmas Eve.  It was a place of darkness, but we celebrated light. Now we leave Alan in the loving hands of God and move on with the lives that we must lead, inspired by his example and faith.


Our thanks to everyone who attended and those, including the police, who organised the celebration.  A YouTube clip is available and our thanks go to Hallam FM News for filming this.


We finish this whole tragic story with the verse from the Bible that many of us have been inspired and comforted by over the past year.

John 1:5 "The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not overcome it."

Rest in Peace, our much loved Alan.

Vicar, Simon