Encouragement ChristmasThere are times when the news around the world can seem bleak and depressingly dark.  In such a context the hope and joy of Christmas can sometimes seem to be an almost forlorn hope.  Yet there are moments when we also see the best of humanity.  For me the last week or so of midwinter has been lightened by the experience of receiving so very many emails, phone calls and visits to my home by good generous people seeking to show true humanity at Christmas time.  The focus of this has been the giving of so much food etc to our Community Project’s foodbank.  One family brought a several bags of thoughtfully chosen food for another family.  Another family have been operating a reverse Advent calendar; each day in December they have been putting food to one side so that they could give it to our foodbank.  Such thoughtful generosity has come as a real encouragement to me in my preparation for Christmas this year.  With such encouragement I find the Christmas season to relevant yet again and an encouragement to support our Community Project in the challenging time that will lie ahead of us in the New Year.

Simon, Vicar