Church Work Day 3“What a lovely church, Vicar!”  That’s a comment I frequently hear from people when they visit St Saviour’s, usually for a wedding or a funeral.  St Saviour’s is made of very attractive stone and makes a good impression on the outside.  However, it’s the inside that seems to make the biggest impact.  People find the architecture to be both simple but also attractive.  I think that this due to the balance between a sense of scale and height on the one hand, and a sense of intimacy and humanity on the other.  In addition, the stained glass windows give good light and the strong emphasis on red in the large East windows adds an inspirational quality.  Strangely, I’ve not heard anyone complain about the lack of pews, which goes to show that when the church was reordered some years ago, those who worked on the plans did the task very professionally.
However, a beautiful church doesn’t stay that way just by itself.  Keeping the building in good condition is time consuming.  We have excellent churchwardens at St Saviour’s, but one of their less visible tasks is maintaining the building to a high level of quality.  Most people will not be aware of just how much time and effort our wardens put into this, especially in keeping our gas boiler going!  When we add to that the cleaners, the flower arrangers etc there is a lot of work to be done.  Yet keeping on top of everything is still a challenge.  That is why we have a Church Work Day twice a year.  So this Saturday morning we are inviting anybody and everybody to come along and help give the church a deep clean, to tidy up the grounds and generally give the whole church a spring clean.  We start at 9.00 and finish at 12.30 with a simple bread and cheese lunch for the workers.  All are welcome.
Simon, Vicar