St Saviour’s Community Project exists to:

  • To provide material support for residents of High Green facing deprivation;
  • To empower local people in developing their lives; and
  • To provide opportunities for community and relationship building.


Food Bank Allotment


We rent a flat above a shop in Greengate Lane (above the fishing tackle and pet food shop) to run our project.

The project opened in December 2012.  We run a shop providing used children’s clothing, household goods and other essential items at very low cost.










Additionally, we sell used furniture at very low prices.

Information about the furniture is on display in the project and the items are stored in the garages underneath the shops.  

Furniture Store 1

We also have a washing machine available for those who need access to one.

We also host a Job Club and a Savings & Loans Club.  These are both available to support people in High Green.
Savings and Loans 1
Since January 2014 we have been running the Friday Feast.  This meets in the Church Hall on Mortomley Lane (next to Ecclesfield Parish Council Offices).  On Friday evenings we provide a two course cooked meal for people who are struggling.  The meal is cooked by volunteers on site and is made out of healthy ingredients.  The cost is £1 for adults and children eat free – this is our way of trying to help tackle child poverty.  The meal is served at 5.00pm, but the hall is open for chat and games for children etc from about 4.30pm.

Friday Feast 2
The Project is run by a Management Committee repsonsible to St Saviour’s PCC. The church makes no profit from the project, in fact it only began because church members donated £4000 of their own money to get it started.
We have a constitution which set out are aims and the terms by which we operate.  You can find it here: SSC Community Project Constitution