Job Club 1It was only about two weeks ago that we launched a Job Club at our Community Project.  We learnt the other day that the project is now celebrating the fact that someone working with the Job Club has landed a job!  This is great news!
The Community Project constitution states:

The purpose of the project is:

2.1. To provide material support for residents of High Green facing deprivation;

2.2. To empower local people in developing their lives; and

2.3. To provide opportunities for community and relationship building.

As part of this, we have been working with Healthy High Green and Heeley Development Trust by hosting a Job Club in our community centre.  This is open on Tuesday afternoons 1.00 – 300pm.  There are specialist advisers present who help people to create and/or update their CV, help with applications, search job and training websites, offer interview tips and help people to find mutual support. That someone now has got employment through our partnership with the Job Club is a real encouragement.
We aim to be the sort of church that serves our community in both the areas of spirituality and pracitcal support, indeed we cannot separate the two.  That the Community Project is making a real difference in people's lives makes all the work worthwhile.  And this is in addition to the foodbank, the furniture store, the shop and the Friday Feast.  Long may it continue!


Simon, Vicar