Welcome to men@SSC, home page for all your information about St Saviours Men’s Group.

Want to know what we believe or more about this Jesus bloke we follow?

How we cope in a world at war with God?

Just want to have some fun?


We’re a group of men with a connection, however loose, to St Saviour’s Church, Christian and not. We meet most Wednesdays at 7.30 till 9.30pm.

We try something different each Wednesday of the month making it easier to just ‘drop in’ when you want…………


1st –  Bible Study: a chance to join us for discussions on ‘The meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything’.

2nd – Prayer Evening: we meet to pray for each other, the church and the wider comunity.

If you’d like us to pray for you or anything in particular, please e-mail us using the address below.

3rd – Social event:  usually involving food or drink or even both! Please contact us for details of the next event.

4th – Practical/Working Evening (summer): we hope to do some of the jobs in and around church that always need doing. 

5th – An Occasional Entertainment/Film Night

The dates and events are provisional so please contact us if you are planning to come – just to make sure we haven’t changed our minds!!

Recommended reading…..

The Hard Corps by Dai Hankey    

A witty take on some little considered characters from the Old Testemant. Challenging, practical, encouraging and well worth a read.


Email us through the Contacts Form and select men@SSC from the drop down list.