Morning Prayer 1A vital aspect of the life of a church is to keep its praying rich and vibrant.  As part of this, a new pattern of prayer has been initiated at St Saviour’s.  The clergy of the Church of England have been saying Morning Prayer, a simple service of prayer and scripture, since the time of the Reformation – which itself was based on the old monastic prayer patterns going back even further in history. As part of our desire to energise and equip St Saviour's, this service is being used by the Ministry and Pastoral Teams on Friday mornings from 9.00 to 9.30am in the Prayer Chapel.  It’s a very simple and reflective time of reading the Bible, embracing ancient prayers and being silent.  The hope is that this weekly prayer focus will enhance our corporate spirituality and enrich the whole of our worship, ministry and mission.  However, now we want to open it up to anybody and everybody.  

So why not come along on a Friday morning and help us to invest in raising the spiritual temperature of St Saviour's?


Simon, Vicar