Old Codgerettes 1
At St Saviour's, and increasingly in partnership with St Mark's, we have a senior men's group called the Old Codgers.  This group, which has its own page on this website, has been running for about two years.  Last week the group met following an Epiphany Service at St Mark's.  As usual the men met at the Old Harrow pub.  However, there were a number of senior ladies who were at a loose end.  Consequently they also met in the pub.  As the Old Codgers is an exclusive male group it was necessary for the two groups to meet at different ends of the pub.  Consequently the ladies' gathering has been named as the inaugural meeting of the Old Codgerettes!  They did behave properly and we understand that the Landlord has decided not to bar them for the future.
However, there was one difficult moment when it became apparent that the Old Codgerettes has ordered all but one of the pies on the menu, leaving the men bereft of a favourite option!  It remains to be seen if the two groups will continue to meet at the same time and venue and whether good behaviour can be guaranteed.
Simon, Vicar