Pentecost Praise 1This coming Sunday is Pentecost, the day when Christians celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit.  At the end of his earthly ministry, Jesus promised his followers that he would send the Spirit to inspire, enable, equip and empower them to continue his ministry when he was no longer physically available to them.  So the day of Pentecost is a major event in the Christian calendar as we worship and celebrate the experience of God’s Spirit becoming a living reality for Christians today.  Christians believe that Pentecost is the birthday of the Church, the day when the community of believers became united in their experience of God’s love in Jesus, working together in the power of the Spirit.  Christians also believe that Pentecost is the launch of God’s mission, the time when the Jesus movement began to rapidly spread beyond the original disciples to Jews living in Jerusalem, then to Jews and Gentiles beyond Israel and eventually across the globe to all people – as it still is today.
This coming Sunday we are having a Pentecost Praise service at 6.00 in the evening.  It will be one of our Living Word services, when we gather from our different congregations to invest in an evening of worship and teaching.  Our Living Word services are café style, which means that we have an informal atmosphere meeting around tables where worship and interactive teaching & learning enables everyone to participate.  Coffee/tea with cake etc is provided to begin the service to create a celebratory atmosphere as we gather to enjoy Pentecost Praise.  All our welcome.
Simon, Vicar