Some people think that a church is run solely by its Vicar or Pastor. The truth is that this would be impossible, there is simply too much happening for one person to be doing everything. It is also unbiblical. Scripture tells us that all Christians have gifts (practical and spiritual) and that all Christians have a part to play if the church is to be effective.
At St Saviour’s we are blessed to have many people involved in leadership and ministry. Ministries take place in all sorts of locations and environments, not just the Church building. These could be at work, in the home and out in the community for example. They don’t carry titles, nor do they have job descriptions, but they are vital in living out the work of Christ, building His Kingdom and reaching those who haven’t heard His call.
However, in the life of a local church there are some specific roles and ministries that are recognised on behalf of the parish. Take a look at the following webpages to read a bit more detail on these ministries.