BBQ #1Tomorrow is one of the social highlights of the year at St Saviour's – the annual BBQ.  Of course, many churches have a BBQ in the summer, there's nothing distinctive about that. No, what makes St Saviour's special are the water games.
Every year plastic sheeting rolled out down a slope in the vicarage garden and a water slide is created using a hose pipe and bottles of washing up liquid (you understand, I have a very clean lawn)!  So the children and young people have games and the slide to entertain them, whilst the older people can relax and keep dry whilst enjoying the BBQ. The water slide is for kids age up to 60. The cost of the BBQ is £3 per person.  We are very pleased to be welcoming people from St Mark's tomorrow.
Just a word of warning – this morning I chanced upon the men's group filling up water bombs from my outside tap. You have been warned!
Simon, Vicar