About a year ago I started talking to people about the idea of a Community Allotment – were people interested, would it benefit the people of High Green? I also talked with Darren Ward who is a Community Worker here in High Green and Margot Jackson, who works in High Green on behalf of the NHS. and they were thrilled with the idea. 
Barrie Bellamy from Paces had heard that St.Saviours were interested in starting an allotment and met with me to offer us some land on the edge of the Campus. It is ideal both in size and placement.

Three months ago the Project Management Committee met and offered £7.000 for raised beds, a concrete container to keep our equipment safe and a polytunnel. Plus starting up costs.

David Morton from Ecclesfield Council invited me round for a coffee and wanted to help us. After discussion it was agreed that the Project put in a bid for some money for a shed which will be needed for rest, a place to eat and somewhere to wash our hands

The next day David Morton asked me round again to meet David Mansell who is the Manager of Kier who are building the new swimming baths on Packhorse Lane. I decided to be bold! and to ask him if he could help us with digging out the all beds that will be needed, to build our raised beds for us and to lay us a very large concrete base that will be needed for the concrete building. David Manning and two of his team met with me this week and have offered help way beyond what I had asked for and they are paying for it. Their contribution is outstanding.

I applied to Sheffield City Council for £500 for a strimmer and some large folks and spades to enable us to start work on the land. They gave us the money

I rang to order the Concrete building and found it was more expensive than the shipping container that we had originally decided to buy, so I hesitated about going ahead. The secretary realised who I was because of my name and address and she rang back and said the Management was knocking £590 off the bill and may also do a collection for us. Also they would alter the wooden door to a metal door for safety reasons at no extra cost.

Wicks had an offer on for sleepers ( we saved £720) but I would have no-where to keep them until Kier were ready to build them. No worries, Wicks have kept them for 8 weeks for me until the end of this month when they will be built.

£100 was given from a member of our congregation.

Darren Ward has paid for us to have an advertisement in the Look Local which was in the paper this week.

Margot Jackson and Darren have worked with me to put on a workshop morning which will be open to the public so that they can chat first hand about what we are doing. They are paying for the rent of the room and refreshments etc…. Coming out of this will be a good donation towards the Allotment.

A member of the community bought us an extending branch cutter which we needed.

Lastly the phone is starting to ring with interested people.