Old Codgerettes 1The Old Codgers (senior men) has been running now for about two years at St Saviour’s.  However, it then transpired that the ladies wished to join in. There was one day when a separate ladies’ group did meet at the same time in the same pub, but in different parts of the building – neither wanting to admit that they belonged to the other.  However, it rapidly became apparent that the two groups will be at permament enmity, not least because the ladies got their orders in first and ate all the pies!  
This went down very badly with the men and so they now have to meet separately.
The ladies’ group was to be called the old codgerettes, to be a mirror group of the men, but the Vicar received complaints about this.  Ladies who lunch was an alternative put forward, but then it was questioned whether those attending were all ladies!  To avoid this we have now decided on a good Yorkshire alternative – lasses wot lunch.
Covid has curtailed things for a while but hopefully normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!