12 Hours of PrayerSt Saviour’s Church is having a Day of Prayer this coming Sunday.

Refocussing our vision for Families and Children’s Ministry

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to lead an hour. Please use your hour as you wish but some prayer pointers are given below. There are feedback cards at the back of church we’d ask you to spend the last few minutes to encourage anyone to fill in who felt they had something to share and leave in the bowl.

Ideas for your prayer time are based on ‘PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE’

Give thanks for what’s been done before, reflect on the current situation and look to the future.

PAST:  Give thanks for the ministry of the church in the past. For all the Families whose lives have been touched by God and His church.

PRESENT:  Take a little time to reflect on what we do now. Praise God for what he’s doing and the resources He’s provided. Pray for the People and church groups who seek to realise our vision.  Pray for the groups that minister ‘outside’ the church such as The Community Project, Primetime, Angram Kids etc.

FUTURE: Families and Children’s Ministry

There is no set agenda, just a few thoughts and bullet points below.

Please just take time to pray and listen to God.

  • We’ve changed our baptism services into guest services so that we impact local families offering a dynamic, user friendly baptism service which includes a clear and challenging gospel content.
  • We found the resources to pay a worker and we appointed one, yes it didn’t work out for various reasons but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t persevere.
  • Pray for resources as we are currently unable to fund a post
  • How do we connect with Families, Parents, Grandparents?
  • What could we do through other groups? Angram Kids, Little Angels, Men’s Group, MU etc
  • Are there other fresh ideas/approaches?
  • How can we invest in a new generation of worshippers at St Saviour’s so that our church family has a good age balance and that St Saviour’s will have a future in the next decade?

The Prayer Plan for the Day of Prayer

8.00am      Daybreak (SB)

9.00am      Men’s Group

10.00am    Music Group

11.00am    Simon Bessant (Harvest)

12.30ish    Prayer in the Meeting Room (SH?)

1.00pm      Mothers Union

2.00pm      Jenny Liversidge (sensory Prayer)

3.00pm      Margaret Wood (Quiet Prayer)

4.00pm      Lesley Thurlbourne

5.00pm      Sarah & Simon Hulme (Meeting with God)

6.00pm      Sue Fiander (Friday Feast)

7.00pm      Evensong (SB)

Simon Hulme