SSC Wedding 1Having a wedding in Church is a wonderful experience.  Although there are many alternative options available to couples today, many still want to have a traditional wedding in an ancient Church and to seek God’s blessing on their new life together.
We love having weddings at St Saviour’s.  If you’d like to know more, please contact our weddings administrator Fiona Battey who will be happy to help.
Please note that we now are required by the Government to ensure that we only do weddings where both the bride and the groom have British or EAA (European Union) citizenship.  So we will ask you to bring both of your passports when you come to confirm your booking.  If there are difficulties around this, please let us know and we will try and get it all sorted for you.
Greenwood Wedding 1
The Church of England has a great website dedicated to weddings which you might find helpful.  It includes a very helpful wedding planner section which can help you choose hymns and Bible readings for your big day.  You can find it at:
We’d love you to have your special day at our church and to help you experience God’s blessing as you start the amazing adventure of marriage.
If you are thinking of getting married at St Saviour’s, or if you are a photographer booked for a wedding here, you might find the file here helpful: